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Meredith Q. Killion
Graphic Designer

Well, hey there... I'm Meredith!

I’m a self-motivator who is seldom afraid of a challenge or hard work. I thrive on goals, To-Do lists, and deadlines. Give me something new to learn, and I’ll embrace the opportunity with an open mind and positive attitude.

I strive to put my best foot forward every day because I believe the quality of my attitude will reflect in the outcome of my work.

When I'm asked what I love about being a graphic designer, I give the same answer every time. "I love puzzles!" (*pause for dramatic effect*) Each new art request I'm given is a brand new puzzle. The client gives me a handful of "puzzle pieces" (colors, brand, tag line, image, etc.) and then I get to put them together, adding my own pieces along the way.


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